Orchestra III. Mixed medium on paper 76x55cm 

Bella is an influential British Fine Artist. After graduating from Liverpool College of Art in 1962 she has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has shown her work at major London Art Fairs for over 17 years. She is the founder of Pieroni Contemporary Art which is her online gallery.

Tristan & Isolde II. Mixed medium on paper 81x57cm 
Dancing Warriors. Mixed medium on paper 77x
still life

The main focus in Bella’s work is on the dynamism of the human body in movement. Working with performance artists and life models she uses music as an essential part of her creative process. For her, this helps drive the energy and influence the outcome. Her works are usually in large format and mostly on paper. She uses naturally occurring mediums and tools and also incorporates colour. When working on canvas she uses mixed medium, acrylic and oil. The viewer’s own interpretation of any one of her pieces is to her very important and for this reason she does not care to over explain her work. When owning one of her pieces your understanding of it becomes an integral part of the artwork. In her opinion no one, not even the artist should tell you what to think. She is represented by Cricket Fine Art, London. Prints are available through The Portfolio Collection, Rutland.

The Gathering III. Mixed medium on paper 43x38cm 
The Return. Mixed medium on paper 50x38cm

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