Philosophy. 80x60cm

Geraldine Franklin’s work explores composition in Screen Prints and Paintings through the use of dynamic colour. Her subject matter ranges from layering shapes, often depicted in boldly coloured silhouettes, whilst playing with positive and negative space. 

Exmoor. Watercolour 40x26cm 
Under the Eaves. Oil painting 65x40cm 
After Klee. Screen print 78x54cm 

There is a strong sense of freedom and playfulness in her work, with flowing and curved lines that intertwine with each other. Geraldine focuses on the process and enjoyment of art making as a starting point, allowing spontaneity to predominate, working to resolve how colour, shape and form marry. Geraldine has a First-class Honours Degree in Art and Design, and a post- graduate diploma from Goldsmiths’ College. She has exhibited up and down the Country in Group and Solo shows since The Eighties.

Enchanted. Oil painting 100x122cm
Angel Dog. Screen print 43x65cm 

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