SOCO ARTISTS present Relay Respond Relay

28 artists @
Electro Studios Project Space

1 – 10 July 2022

28 artists divided into groups A and Z have taken on a visual relay over a period of fourteen weeks from March 20th to June 26. Each artist had one week to make a piece of work before handing on the ‘baton’ via email to the next ‘runner’ in their group. To begin, the first artist in each relay group received a sealed envelope containing the same word, to be interpreted freely. From then on each artist responded directly to the image sent to them by the preceding artist in the relay.

Group A
Sarah Nelson, Helen Rawlinson, Claire Buckley, Euan Baker, Rosa Luetchford, Nancy Sharpe, Ian Barraclough, Gina Leiliot, Sineid Codd, Alison Munby, Roz Cran, David Reeve, Helen Scalway, Geraldine Franklin

Group Z
Helen Savage, Benji Thomas, Susan Miller, Josie Barnes, Cheryl Bell, Fi Brown, Alex Leadbeater, Harriet Macaree, Adrienne Hunter, Sam Mcgoun, Emma Harding, Rebecca Snotflower, Louise Body, Melanie Twigger

Click on the images below to see pdf catalogues of each Relay Group