Reflecting On The Big Pink 119×119 cm
Pink Like Sugar 123×123 cm

Fiona Denning studied Textile Design at Leicester Polytechnic in the 70’s and by the time she left realised she was a painter. Her work is always about colour and light and has been described as being in the romantic tradition.

Blue Tablecloth

Over the last three years Fiona has concentrated on still life, placing domestic objects in a landscape, often with architectural detail or suggestion. She sees these objects as characters on a stage, somewhat artificial yet imbued with a character.

In The Penny Blossom Kitchen 45×126
A Crowd Gathered 45×126

Fiona carries through the same symbols and elements through many paintings, and in many ways is repeating the same painting, rearranging the elements to draw out particular nuances. In this way she develops series or multiples. There are recurrent motifs that she works through – both in the sense of working through to the other side and in working through as carriers or vehicles of meaning.

Objects On A Table 105x130cm
The Pink Tablecloth


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