The Magic Medlar Tree

Colin Anderson paints landscapes, people and places that are unusual or less discovered – especially those that have the suggestion of a story attached to them. He aims to bring out the strangeness of situations that may be familiar to us, but might look subtly different in a parallel imaginative world.

Lovers’ tiff
Regents canal
Then the sirens sounded…

Many of his pictures are the fruit of simply wandering around and exploring. He is drawn to places and situations that are slightly off-kilter, superficially normal but with a subtle undercurrent or atmosphere. When he finds a situation that intrigues him he will make drawings. Sometimes these will be quite changed and distorted, at other times he leaves it much as it looked. This design is then transferred to the canvas and he begins to paint.

Sometimes Sheerness
Newhaven Fort
Dock Leaves

Colin has shown his work in a range of ways including in South East Open Studios, at the Kaleidocope Gallery in Sevenoaks, The Pie Factory in Margate, the Horsebridge Centre in Whitstable and Artspring Gallery in Tonbridge, where he is a member of the collective.

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