Agnieszka Szuba is an illustrator, photographer and musician, she is also an art historian (MA) and an art and Research Fellow at The RSA (FRSA). She has had over 25 solo and group exhibitions worldwide (UK, Poland, Germany, USA). 


Using photography to reclaim the connection with the so called ‘real world’, She strives to find the meaningful relation between objects and light, pulling light from the darkness like gold and silver threads, she is a weaver, a wave whisperer – forming tangible textures, scratching the surface of water, shaping the unseen, painting with light.

“It’s purely a result of holding the camera and chasing the light. It’s a conversation with my camera, lovingly held in my hands and the unexpected pattern of moving water and light. It’s writing my siren’s songs to bring back to my life someone once lost.”

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