Walnut and Gorse

Plants and the natural world are now the main focus of my work and I am trying to use plant materials at most stages of my practice from concept to completion. This also ties in with sustainability, using local plant materials which I collect or grow to create minimum waste.

Susanna’s Garden Weavings, Bridge Project

Jane Higginbottom has an MA from Camberwell/Chelsea and is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. She is also an Artcan member.

In August 2022 she completed a one month residency in Finland leading to an exhibition at Kulltuurikauppila in Ii Northern Finland.

“I found the cultural exchange really beneficial to my practice and I used local plants to dye yarns and make small portable weavings”.

In Memory of My Father
Cabinet Bridge exhibition
Blowing in the Wind (Way Making Exhibition)
Wildflower Meadow

In 2023 she worked with Swedish artist Susanna Gunnarson as part of Bridge project organised by Artcan, leading to an exhibition November 2023 at the OSKG Tjornedala gallery space. She worked alongside 18 other UK and Swedish artists and in 2024 there will be a return exhibition in London.

TreeBags (Used teabags containing handmade paper leaves with tree seeds)

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