Promenade 24. Mixed media collage and etching 68x38cm 

Fi Brown’s work has always been concerned with place and space. She is interested in the layers that make up different places and how we inhabit them.

Cargo. Acrylic paint on board, relief collage 105x160mm
Sea into Sky. Solar plate etching on japanese paper 28.5×28.5cm 
4 Tilt. Drypoint, relief and stencil print on Japanese paper 105x160mm

Formally, she is trying to create work that combines defined shapes, territories, boundaries and borders with accidental, fluid and instinctive elements.

Harbour Arm (section). Lino print on linen 96x21cm 
Shore. Etching on felt blanket 20.5x14cm

Promenade 3. Watercolour collage and etching 21.3x11cm 

Originally a painter, she has worked with animation, performance and installation, but drawing is the key to her practice. Over the last few years she has found that the reproductive and technical possibilities of printmaking have allowed her to experiment with a single theme and to combine control and chaos, poetry and geometry.

Nod. Charcoal drawing on paper 42x30cm

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