Furnace Brook and the Ochreous Stain. Canvas and hand-made paper 120x140cm 

Mary Morris is an artist living and working in East Sussex. She uses a wide variety of media, including textiles and ceramics. Her practice relates to landscape and place, investigating an area through the lens of a collector, unearthing found and made objects, stories and anecdotes. 

Chronicle. Paper, silk, linen and wax 20x20x5cm 
Woodland Quartet. Painted and printed papers, wood 20x20x8cm 

Time spent building a familiarity with an area, absorbing the sights, sounds and surroundings is of paramount importance. The topography, geology, history and land usage past and present all play a major part in her work which ranges in scale and scope from large wall-hung pieces to small individual or multiple items.

Walter Gale Collection. Size variable 

Her work is often book-like in structure or in the form of a collection or archive and may include text. She has taken part in many group and solo exhibitions and has also worked on collaborative projects with other artists.

Walter Gale Collection. Detail, ceramic and resin 5x5x5cm 
Walter Gale Collection. Detail, ceramic 7x7x5cm

– 2008 HE Diploma in Stitched textiles
– 2009 BA (Hons) Art & Design – Fine Art
– 2015 MA Textiles

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