Seascape 7 – acrylic on canvas – 40×50 cm 

Anna Pontonutti was born in Udine, Italy. She moved to London in the late seventies and studied Fine art and Critical Studies at St Martins School of Art. Anna worked and exhibited in London for several years before moving to Hastings in East Sussex where she now lives and works.

Seascape 9 – acrylic on canvas – 100x100cm

Blue Cliff – acrylic on canvas – 100x100cm

Anna’s work covers a  wide range of sizes from large (120×100 cm) to small scale (19×14 cm). It is inspired by the East Sussex coastline around Hastings. She mainly uses acrylic on canvas, board or paper. Anna’s palette is a response to the atmospheric mood of the sky and the sea in East Sussex.

Blue Cliff 2 – acrylic on canvas – 40×50 cm
Three Huts – acrylic on paper – 19x14cm

Anna Pontonutti has exhibited in a number of venues in Italy, London and East Sussex. Anna’s work is in private collections in Italy and the UK.

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