Over Green Fields
Verdant – 50cms x 40cms with gallery stand

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in fused glass.

I find inspiration for my glass art walking in nature. The colours of the changing seasons, which highlight nature’s infinite continuum of perpetual release & renewal arouse a sense of wonder in me. I enjoy incorporating the seasons changing colours & textures into my Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter collections.

Traces of Autumn
Traces of Autumn – 70cms x 58cms with gallery stand

Further inspiration is gained whilst observing the sea & its environs throughout the year. During my coastal walks, I immerse myself in the atmospheric scenery, viewing spectacular sunrises & sunsets over the sea. Using beautiful images captured on my iphone along with my imagination I create seascapes & ‘Coastal’ pieces of glass art, ranging from large gallery pieces in stands to small free standing coastal curves.

Oasis – 50cms x 40cms with gallery stand
Labyrinth – 72cms x 58cms with gallery stand

Working with the alchemical properties of glass is fascinating & challenging, as one can often expect the unexpected when fusing glass. I find the element of uncertainty & sense of wonder at what awaits beneath the lid of the kiln after a glass firing exciting. It is a particular moment of anticipation & magic which continually brings joy.

Spring Equinox – Fused Glass. 70cmsx 58cms

Gina Lelliott

07835 768082


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