Reclamation. Ceramic bottle, black design 26x15cm
All have a story to tell. Ceramic bottle, blue and orange 24x15cm  

Yvette Glaze uses drawing and print on clay. She creates a multi-layered and textured surface on her pieces which explore the emotional history retained within an object. Yvette began her career as a scenic artist in theatre. She went on to teach art and ceramics in therapeutic settings, including working with people with mental health problems and physical and learning difficulties.

Collection of memories. Collagraph print 44x44cm 
Handmade sketchbook with designs for collection of memories series 15x15cm

Her own work demonstrates her particular interest in the healing quality of art and this shows in her interest in the emotional story imprinted in her art work. Yvette experiments by drawing and painting in sketch books. Using these ideas she goes on to print using linocut, monoprint and collagraph methods. This artwork directly follows through to her work on clay using similar drawing and print methods.

Still life. Ceramic picture 23x23cm

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