Ritual Cloth 1. Mixed media 30x43cm  

Carly Ralph is mixed media artist, with a background in Textiles. The ‘found or discarded object’ plays a significant role in much of her work, often using the aesthetics of erosion as a decorative or thematic device.

Red Tarpaulin 2. Mixed media 62x92cm  
Ritual Cloth 2. Mixed media 30x43cm 

The shoreline has been a major influence, and hundreds of seaborne plastic fragments have been incorporated into her past work to express thoughts about the relationship between the elements, erosion and time.

She is attracted to those mundane items discarded from our everyday lives, which can be transformed through a change of context and use. Rhythm and repetition are used as key expressive elements in terms of format. A series of six Ritual Cloths produced for the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery Exhibition ‘Collect’ was a culmination of her working processes as a mixed media artist, combining vintage textile surfaces with simple metal components. Photography of the shoreline environment has informed her work throughout, with specific images selected for exhibition

Tidal Tablet. Mixed media 30x66cm
River Wreck. Mixed media 37x84cm

Born in St Leonards, Carly studied Foundation and BA Textiles at Central School of Art & Design, then MA Textiles at Goldsmiths College, London. She worked at North London Collegiate School and was Senior Lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London until 2010. She now lives and works in Central St Leonards. 

Bottle Alley by Torchlight. Mixed media 49x72cm
Skeleton Socks. Mixed media 171x105cm

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