If I Were A Place. Plaster and mixed media, dimensions variable
Shadow Self. Photo of a tissue paper structure, doubly projected, dimensions variable

Helen Scalway is an independent artist and writer. She was connected for many years to The Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, as a result of a keen interest in spatialities.

Basement of a Self.Drawing 41x25cm
Self Portrait as a Fragile House.Silk paper and thread 7x8cm

She thinks about: the inner dynamics of relationships through the spatialities they produce, for example in complex and emergent spaces; the sometimes incommensurable ways of being and seeing in the contemporary cosmopolitan city; spatial metaphors which produce places and behaviours.

Cellar of a Self. Artist’s book, drawing media on paper 25x46cm

Increasingly she has become interested in the metaphor of the house or built structure as a visual metaphor for the self. In order to think she uses visual means such as drawing, painting, collage, charting, model-making and book structures, as well as writing.


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