Caravanserai 2019. Oil on board 25x22cm 

Charlotte Snook was born in Middlesex and studied at Hornsey College of Art and the Royal College of Art where she received an MA in Painting. She has taught at several art schools and universities and was Senior Lecturer in Foundation Studies at Central Saint Martins from 2002 to 2009. She lives and works in St Leonards.

L’ Belle Femme 2019. Oil on board 20x15cm  
Callender Girl 2018. Oil on board 20x15cm  

Recent exhibitions include: 2019 Summer Salon British Painting 11: Bermondsey Project Space, Bermondsey Street, London; Moon Gazing: Fitzroy House, Lewes; A Smaller Picture: SoCo Artists at Hastings Arts Forum 2018; Studio Paintings and Other Stories: solo show, Fisher Street Frames, Lewes; Collect: A collaboration between SoCo Artists and Hastings Museum and Art Gallery referencing the Museum’s collection; To be Continued: Artists in Hastings, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings; Axis: London Milano, Tracce di Vapore, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan. 

Nude in the Studio with Gorky 2018. Oil on board 26x31cm  

“Charlotte’s practice is deeply invested in allegory, art history and re-imagination. Her paintings are populated with vaguely familiar yet unknown quantities, smeared and spontaneously reworked into oblivion. The work takes us to the edge and asks us to question what we see. As a viewer one looks for a safe place to rest – places to identify and name. Snook gives us a platform to jump from but the excitement of these works is that there is no place to really land or settle.” djbrass 

The Death of Cleopatra 2015. Oil on board 25x30cm 

Woman with a Dog’s Head 2017. Oil on board 25x20cm

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