Star Gazing. Machine embroidery with jewel embellishments 100x100cm
Decorative Darning. Detail of ‘One Year of Stitches’ 20cm diameter

Textile artist, curator, author and qualified teacher, Claire Buckley has the MA Visual Arts from West Dean College, where she specialised in Tapestry and Textile Arts. Her creative focus is on woven tapestry and embroidered textiles often in combination. She is inspired by words, fragments, ideas and patterns.

Circles. Tapestry weaving with embroidery 25x25cm

Insertions. Detail of tapestry weaving with insertion stitches 150x100cm
Insertions. Detail of gold stitch lacing 150x100cm
.Shell Mermaid Weaving – Gilded shell with tapestry weaving 15x10cm

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