Convolution. Handwoven spun and wild silk with Burmilana wool. Stretched onto a frame.
Exploring chaos, quantum theory, life connections and paths. 45cm x 45cm

Emily Mackey uses a combination of techniques: weaving, drawing, embroidery, natural dyeing and sculpture. Environment and materials are intrinsic to her practice and she makes work that is adapted according to the unique properties of each. 

Earthed Undulations. Handwoven reverse brocade in vintage silk and British wool with straw inserts, mounted with conservation glue onto a length of black willow for hanging.
I designed and made this fabric using a triangle symbol (the elemental symbol for water), with long floats and incorporated lengths of straw. 60cms x 50cms (willow length – 64cm)

Using natural homegrown and foraged materials, some new, antique and end of line yarns are also used, giving them a new life. With an interest in Quantum theory, she creates work that delves into the endless variations of transient cycles – flight paths of birds, seeds travelling on a breeze, desire lines, life paths, seasons, memories, thought processes.

Undulations. Handwoven linen and silk with embroidered cotton and sedge stems. Detail.
Sedge Piece. Handwoven silk, linen, wool and sedge stems. Detail.

Emily explores the notion of belonging via the abstract visual recording of things past and present; through texture, pattern, colour, line and shape. She considers our interconnectedness, through our own ancestors and to each other, as well as our affinity with and reliance on the natural world.

Aspen Connection. Hand embroidered cotton layered Aspen leaves on wild silk. 32cm x 38cm
The Tendency to Disorder. Sculpture – Pear, Hornbeam, Rowan, Oak, Vine, Road, Teasel, Blackthorn and Apple sticks tied using linen twine and seaweed/seawater dyed silk ties.
Contemplation on thought processes, rumination and re-forging connections. Approx 100cm diameter.



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