Goat Ledge low Tide. Charcoal, ink, gouache on paper 56x76cm  

Adrienne Hunter is a landscape artist, born in Edinburgh but living in Hastings for many years. She worked as a lawyer in London and Hastings for 16 years before making the big decision to leave the law and enrol at what was Hastings College on the Fine Art Foundation Diploma course.

Low Tide near Birling Gap, Winter. Graphite, charcoal, ink on paper 152.4×121.9cm
Late swim, Birling Gap. Charcoal, ink, gesso on paper 152.4×121.9cm

Adrienne’s work tends to be large-scale drawings on paper using charcoal, gesso, inks, graphite or whatever is to hand, often with a limited palette. She’s interested in the living energy of landscape, particularly on the coast where the landscape is constantly shifting, evolving and eroding, at the mercy of the weather. She is drawn to the power of nature and it’s changing moods and uses an expressive, gestural style to convey her response to it. 

Cliff Walk at Birling Gap. Ink on paper 56x75cm
Hydrangea. Ink, gesso, charcoal on paper 152.4×121.9cm

She has recently been involved in a collaboration with her partner, Nick Snelling, who is a landscape painter, equally interested in the sea and the coastline. They focussed on a particular area near Eastbourne, the white chalk cliffs of Birling Gap. They swam in the sea beside the cliffs which were reflected in the almost Mediterranean blue sea and took photographs which were the starting point for drawings and paintings. These were exhibited together at the BlackShed Gallery in Robertsbridge. Adrienne plans to explore different landscapes in the north of Scotland and in Ireland as a way of developing her work. She has exhibited in London, Hastings and Robertsbridge and participates in Coastal Currents open studios. 

The Path, Glynde Gap. Charcoal, ink on paper 152.4×121.9cm
Poppies on the Beach. Charcoal, ink, gesso, spray paint on paper 152.4×121.9cm
The Cliff, Birling Gap, Winter. Charcoal ink, gouache 21x29cm

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