Lifeline. Papiermache, wool, photograph 24x20cm
Hide. Photo of felt human hide 20x24cm

Roz Cran works across performance, print, photography, video and bookworks. Interests include our relationship with the natural world, silence, magic and the everyday. She has made films: STONE, TREE and INTERVIEW (Pig), held Readings on Silence, collected local Waters and Earths, made Human Hides, been Artist in Residence in a church, an allotment and a school.

Time to Listen – Readings on Silence. Photo of books 24x20cm
Under(Tulip). Embroidery 24x20cm

A collection of leaves from gardens of admired artists/writers led to Leaves of Respect. Interest in Charles Darwin led to a looped film of his daily walk, The Thinking Path. Commissioned for Coastal Currents 2014, Cran created Look Out, a striped mobile hide. From inside you were able to observe your fellow humans.

She exhibited in SoCo Artists show COLLECT 2018 at Hastings Museum. She found rolled-up archived drawings, tracings of original Morris & Co wallpapers. In homage to May Morris, wallpaper and embroidery designer, daughter of William Morris, Cran photographed, enlarged and embroidered sections of these drawings.

WATCHOUT. Photo of performance 24x20cm
LOOKOUT. Photo of performance by RUNWAY 24x20cm

RUNWAY (co-run with Sharon Haward for ten years) has filmed and photographed live performances including: TIME TO STAND AND STARE, WALK THIS WAY, LOOK OUT.

With an MA (RCA) she has exhibited nationally and internationally. Cran worked as a Counsellor (MSc Psychology) in the NHS for 20 years. Her interest in our relationship to ourselves, others, the natural world, and in the importance of silence, springs from this long experience of listening, observing and supporting fellow humans.


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