The Raven. Collagraph 40x30cm

Cheryl Bell is a British artist and printmaker based in Hastings, East Sussex. She spent three decades living in the US where she studied at the Art Students League in New York. She graduated from The Studio and Forum of Stage Design in Greenwich Village and was a costume designer for off-Broadway theatre, dance and opera.

Don’t Shoot Me. Assemblage with linocut feathers 36x25cm
Corvus Corone. Drypoint and collagraph 36x24cm

Cheryl finds inspiration in nature and its transformative qualities and her practice is focused on wildlife art, particularly birds of prey and corvids, two species which suffer considerably from cruel persecution. She observes nature in great detail and creates drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures with a mystical narrative that transcends and expands the subject matter. These pull the viewer inside to inhabit the world of creatures and plants which surround us, and to become aware of the organisms’ subtleties and symbolic meanings.

The Jaguar. Limited edition artist’s concertina with fifteen linocuts 220x15cm
Tree Creeper. Drypoint on bark 20x15cm
Birds of Dungeness. Book cover, hand-coloured linocut drawing 30 22cm

She likes to print on organic materials including bark, flower petals, fabric and feathers. Although her work is primarily focused on birds, she does occasionally stray to other topics of interest: landscapes, fables and other allegorical subjects. Each piece tells a story and often she uses text alongside her images, so the art and narrative continue and expand the story. The viewer is connected with the transformation that is happening all around us.

Death and Transfiguration. Graphite and coloured pencil drawing with seeds 58x42cm
Peregrine Pachinko. Assemblage with pachinko board, charcoal drawing and feathers 70x40cm

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