Stitch and plant-dyed fabric. 34x36cm. 

Josephine is a contemporary textile and mixed media artist, living in Winchelsea Beach. Her work has evolved from many years of research into traditional techniques of plant/mineral/indigo dyeing, and methods of resist.

Fabric, stitching and printmaking. 19×18.5cm
Paper, paint and stitching. 21x19cm

She has adapted these disciplines to create textile “paintings”/hangings that incorporate print making, drawing, wax, stitch and bound resist, embroidery and collage.

Plant-dyed fabric, tea bag paper and stitch. 20.5x22cm
Plant-dyed folded silk with stitch on canvas. 39.5x30cm

She is passionate about using recycled and found objects as part of her art, including paper, wood, metal, plastic, lace and beach findings. She is currently part of an online course using creative hand stitch to explore its drawing potentials.

Plant-dyed fabric, stitch and ink. 33x35cm 
Woven stones and thread. Grey one is 2.5x3x1.3cm – Smallest pebble is 2×2.5×1.5cm 

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