Kerala, Rewilding

Chris Booth is a self-taught artist from South London, now living in Rye, East Sussex. He works in a wide range of media exploring themes such as time and nature, disorder and disintegration, biodiversity and rewilding. 

Starlings in the Rigging
A Missing Finger
Dormant Orchard

Drawing, in particular stippled ink-on-paper artworks, form the core of his practice. These works often take several months to complete. Painting allows him to bookend each drawing project with looser and more expressionist approaches to figurative art.

Walking and foraging form a reciprocal part of his practice. In particular, he re-walks local routes in all seasons in order to explore how humans project their emotional states upon, and draw meaning from, the landscape. He tries to engage with walking as more than a mode of transport but as a psychological map of the year – one that is changing dramatically as climate change continues to accelerate and redraw the atlas physically and mentally.


The same walks provide endless opportunities to observe the slump of human interventions back into earth, and to remember the fallacy of an imagined separation of people from ecology.

Chris has exhibited in Bristol, Hastings, Eastbourne, and Rye with the Rye Society of Artists.

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